“When I was in high school, had my transistor radio, listening to KOMA on the AM dial, occasionally I would hear them advertise this band. SO I have a question for ya – “HAVE YOU BEEN MIDASIZED?(1st lady Kathleen Sebelius' husband, Gary Sebelius [the 1st DUDE] introduction of the Band @ LIBERTY HALL, Lawrence)

King Midas & the Muflers, the most excellent, pretty-darn-close-to-legendary ‘60’s-era rock band from McPherson, are back (at Hutch-Fest) once again by overwhelming demand to play the super stage…They know their rock.”   (Alan Montgomery, The Hutch News)

It’s nice to see a Kansas band become so successful… We know when we book the King Midas Band we’re going to have a fantastic turn out!”   (Skip Wilson, Vice Chairman, Activities & Events, Main Street Events, Hutchinson)

“One of the best variety rock and roll bands we’ve heard!”(Hank Graf, Moose Lodge, Topeka, KS)

1965-2011 is a long time for any group to stay together, but these guys have, and there's no end to their act in sight.  I've listened to their CD & these guys smoke!!(Bill Lee, President of Kansas Music Hall of Fame)

“They’re King of all the Oldies Rock & Roll Bands we book in our club!” (Maurice Pfeifer, Judge McGreevy’s, Hays, KS)

“Keep dancing to the fabulous King Midas Band, you are really lucky to have them in your area…the last authentic plains horn group!” (Tom W. Tourville, Author of the Kansas /Oklahoma 60’s Rock Discography, Midwest Publications, Fairmont, MN)

“The Band is a true Kansas Treasure!” (Bob Murray, Kansas Convention & Tourism Director, Topeka, KS)

   Watching you guys makes me think about coming out of retirement???? Bobby ... drum solo ... "Holy S#*t Moment" Played with alot/seen and heard alot ... you're the best around - bar none!! Dennis - "Whiter Shade" WOW!!!!

Mike - you haven't missed a step! 

Mark and Ralph - LOVE the horns!!

Ron - smooth/solid/ and real classy. Tim - you're way too young to sing the oldies that GOOD! Guys like you are putting old guys like me out to pasture!! Looking forward to seeing you again soon! (Fast Freddy!!- Fred Prosser of Freddy Fox & the Hotrods)



December 1st

Toys for Tots
9 PM to 12:30 AM


Dec 8th

Tally Hi

Christmas Party

McPherson Country Club

8:30 - 11:30 PM

New YEars Eve

December 31

Atrium Hotel

Hutchinson KS

9PM to 12:30 AM



March 9th

Candle Club

Wichita, Kansas

9 PM to 12:30 AM


MARCH 26th

Century II

2019 Kansas

Rural Water Conference

Wichita KS


APRIL 20th

Candle Club

Wichita, KS

9 PM to 12:30 AM